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We wanted a place to share stories of people who have survived suicide and self-harm and to provide a memorial for those we have lost. If you would like a story featured here, please email the story, a related image and a name we can use to The image doesn’t have to be of the person involved if they aren’t comfortable with that, even a picture of a pet that gave them a reason to keep going, or a motivational quote is great, we also don’t require the person’s real name if they’d rather remain anonymous, an alias is fine.

Survivors' Stories


Photo of Scott

My name is Scott and my story begins when I was a young boy at school. I felt that I didn’t have much of a childhood, I was bullied at school for being chubby and had no friends due to worrying about people making fun of me and picking on me . My home life was not much better, I witnessed my mum getting physically and mentally attacked from my dad. I also was physically and mentally abused from my father, and was sexually assaulted when I was younger. This had a serious affect on me while I was growing up, I used to clam up and hide away from the world for weeks on end. I would not eat, shower or even want to get out of bed, I went 11 days without any of those things.

My mother and father divorced 7 years ago and I was frustrated and retaliated. For the first time, I exploded at my mum, I shouted and swore at her and gave her the biggest fright. I then moved out and moved in with my father, after about 2 weeks, boom, the same thing happened again. I got angry with my dad and picked him up, pinned him against the wall and threatened to kill him. I struggled for a few years, getting in and out of trouble with the police and did not have any purpose in life, I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I decided enough was enough and tried to take my own life.

I was then contacted by a member of Andy’s Man Club and attended one of their groups. Things slowly got a little bit better but, after a year, I again tried to take my own life and ended up spending a month in hospital. I am currently a facilitator for Andy’s Man Club which has allowed me to focus on giving something back and to help others that struggle with mental health. I feel so much better within myself knowing there is so much support out there. I currently volunteer for The Lighthouse for Perth and I feel that my living experience can help others to feel better within themselves.


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