Why We Signpost to Other Resources

Our main aim is to support people through crisis. It is also important for us to empower clients and allow them to regain some control over their mental health. We understand that give them the tools or connections to avoid being at risk in the future.

There are lots of techniques which can help you self-manage your mental health. Your mental health is as unique as you are, which does mean that you might find some of these resources don’t work for you. That’s totally ok, it doesn’t mean that you’re a lost cause, you just need to try something else and see if that suits you better. You may even find that different tools help more at different times. It’s all about trial and error and finding a bank of tools that work for you.

Your mental health is much like your physical health. If you can take care of the every day problems, they’re less likely to turn to something more serious. If something serious does then develop you’ll already have some tools ready to try and manage some of the symptoms.

Recommended Resources

This section is full of resources that our staff, volunteers and service users recommend. We’re always looking for new options to give people, if you have any suggestions of things to add to this section, please send information to office@lighthouseforperth.org

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