Getting started

Volunteering for The Lighthouse for Perth is a unique experience. No two days are the same.

Helping people who are in crisis and are at risk of suicide or self-harm can seem daunting. However, our experience indicates that most people at crisis point can redirected to a safer mindset after they’ve been listened to. Whether someone is calling for you to distract them from self-injury or suicide, a phone call with a listening, empathetic ear can make a huge difference.

As a volunteer on our Crisis Line, listening and supporting someone through that situation gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to someone’s future. You’ll learn how to really listen to those around you, and learn how to handle difficult conversations; invaluable skills for day to day life and employment. 

Not sure if you have the right skills? Not to worry, The Lighthouse for Perth has in-house training, alongside providing you with your own mentor to support you the whole way. If you feel you fit any of these qualities,  you are most likely a very good fit for our service:

  • You’re interested in supporting people in crisis and can keep a cool head 
  • You’re able to listen, without telling people what to do
  • You’re open-minded and non judgemental 

What is it like being a crisis line volunteer?

First of all, it’s unique. No two conversations are the same. 

  • You’ll learn valuable new skills that will help you in life; reflective listening and tools for redirecting self-injury or suicide 
  • You can take a break between conversations whenever you need to, in fact, it is strongly encouraged. Our volunteer’s wellbeing and support always comes first. 
  • You will make new friends and you will never be on your own. You’ll be teamed up with a partner, and due to
    the close nature of our team, volunteers often socialise together outside of volunteer hours.
  • Above all you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people who need support.


Day Support Team

Our Day Support Team cover the crisis line during the day, and in addition to signposting and listening service, These sessions often involve offering peer support, or signposting sessions for people who have called the crisis line over the weekend, or offer them additional emotional and listening support.


 Our day support steam is a perfect role for health and social care students looking for a placement, or alternatively if you have recently retired from a similar role and would like to keep your hand in. 


Our fundraisers are crucial for keeping the lights on at the Lighthouse. They make it possible for us to be there for those that need in times of emotional distress.  From bike rides to bake sales, marathons to bridge abseils, there are many ways you can fundraise for us.

Raising funds during Covid-19 is a challenge for many charities right now; if you have an idea that you think could raise funds for our cause, get in touch. 


Alternatively, you can fundraise from the comfort of your own home by downloading the Easyfundraising browser tool. Set it to The Lighthouse for Perth, and your browser will automatically donate 1-3% of profits to us – at no extra cost to you!